In contemporary architecture, choosing the right material and experimenting are at the core of any innovative project.
To satisfy all kinds of planning demands, we produce our own laminated wood and have developed our own system for curtain walls, which can be made of laminated wood or wood and aluminum.
The wooden frame boasts high thermal insulation and great esthetics while the glass creates continuity between inside and out.
Sliding doors boast the same characteristics and become a furnishing element in the room.


The sliding  doors  (wood, wood-aluminum and wood-bronze) allow the possibility to integrate your home in the surrounding natural environment, creating a new home experience. The sliding doors can be easily opened with excellent agility. The frame slides fluidly in its lateral glass window. Thanks to a lowered sill with no rise, we can create a direct connection between indoors and outdoors.

The sliding doors offer an incomparable comfort and beauty thanks to the wide range of colors and wood types that we can use for each customization.
Large dimension elements available.
Energy efficiency  to save on heating costs
Sliding system applicable to all window systems
•  Modern aesthetics, inside and outside

•  Glazed angles for modern architecture

•  Standard soft/ lift function to raise and low the handle with facility

•  Highly insulating fiberglass sill for energy saving

•  Flat sill barrier free

•  Hidden sliding guide, integrated in the frame to give: perfect aesthetics, better handling and an excellent security protection with its burglar-proof system.

•  Strength class RC2 (optional)

•  Glass windows  fixed into the frame – no visible leaf profile and more light thanks to the reduced width of the profiles

•  Thermal insulation Uw up to 0.70 W / m²K

Product suitable for passive houses