The window frame is hidden in the jamb, which maximizes the brightness in the room.
3-layer laminated wood, frame profile 86x107mm, sash profile 100x74mm.
Angle connection with wooden cylindrical pins, anti-torsion pins, wooden drip rail, silver colored Maico® lock hardware with tilt-and-turn in two positions, burglar-proof, 4 TPE gaskets (3 in the frame and 1 in the sash), thermo-acoustic sealing. Acoustic glass 33.1 + 16 gas + 44.1, with warm edge spacer. Water-based painting cycle with natural or colored primer, anti-mold and anti-woodworm treatment with flow-coating system, different finishing coats. Ecological varnishes. External aluminum layer is electro-welded, without miter joints or any visible cuts, fixed to the wooden frame with clips, leaving a gap between wood and aluminum to allow ventilation and avoid molds. High resistance varnish with thermosetting polyester powder.

Technical information
Profile / 100 mm
Type of wood / laminated
Threshold / aluminum, with thermal break for French windows
Hardware / burglar-proof and double ventilation
Gaskets / TPE n.4
Frame / completely hidden inside the wall
Glass / standard Ug 1.2 W/mqk
Spacer / warm edge, with high thermal insulation
Warranty / 10 years on varnish
Thermal transmittance / UF 1.2

Security / burglar alarm system or home automation
Glass / heated
Hinges / hidden