Our company was born as a family-run woodworking company which through the years has handcrafted all kinds of wooden products.

With time, we have improved our know-how and have specialized in the production of high quality doors and windows, with excellent technical characteristics, capable of satisfying even the most demanding market requests.
Thirty years of experience in the field have helped us develop the technical skills necessary to produce custom-made windows, doors and front doors. Furthermore, our close collaboration with internationally renowned companies such as Remmers®, Saint Gobain®, Maico® and Uniform® gives our products an added value of quality and guarantees high durability.
To satisfy the increasing demand for innovation on the market, we have also focused on research and development, obtaining the “Klimahaus A Class Quality Window” certificate, which guarantees in all EU countries the energy efficiency of windows and the high value of their design.
In the future we are determined to keep focusing on innovation and research and to develop new innovative products.


In every house, windows play a fundamental role in keeping heating costs down (approximately up to 40% of the total possible energetic dispersions) and contributing to the wellness and comfort of the living space and to the aesthetic value of the houses.

Starting from the best raw materials and using the best technical components, Plazzi realizes, high quality windows and doors that meet the highest standards in terms of energy savings and aesthetic solutions.

Thanks to our 30 years experience in the bespoke manufacturing of windows and doors, our clients can choose from a wide range of materials, colors and custom shapes. We have created an highly comprehensive range of top quality products to satisfy even the most demanding requests.

I Plus di Pazzi
At the center of our work philosophy, we have the idea that quality, technique, experience and innovation are the main elements that determine the real quality of a product.
All our products are characterized by:

  1. Made in Italy tradition: thanks to our expertise in handcrafting each one of our product, all windows and doors can perfectly fit any technical requirement or architectural project.
  2. Energy saving and sound-proof: Research and continuous product innovation have made possible to offer you Windows and Doors at the forefront of best thermal and acoustic standards.
  3. Natural raw materials: our creations are made up with materials that ensure a low environmental impact. All our products are eco-friendly and manufactured taking into account all the environmental, health, and safety criteria, at every stage of the product life cycle.
  4. High personalization: All products are manufactured according to client’s specific needs and demands with a meticulous care for every detail. We ensure this, by offering the possibility to choose among an extremely wide variety of wood types, colors, shapes, veneers, decorations and finishes.
  5. Pure Italian style All our products are 100% Made in Italy. We fabricate every single component from the very beginning of the production process. Our artisans  manufacture each door, front-door and window in our headquarters in Ravenna, Northern Italy. Style, efficiency and aesthetics are the key-words behind all our products.
  6. Extreme precision: A premium-quality and certified technique for product installation. We strive to stay at the forefront of the best installation techniques.
  7. Security: We provide top quality, guaranteed burglar-proof systems with different design solutions based on clients needs.


Here at Plazzi, all our actions, products and investments are always thought for the clients. It is for this reason that we have created some services to guarantee their total satisfaction.
Pre-sale consultation
Whether it is a new building project or a renovation, we always assist and follow all our clients from the pre-sale consultation to the post-sale process and installation.  Our aim is to always offer the best possible solutions. We offer free quotations and constant support from our local partner representatives.

Business assistance in 3 languages

Our commercial staff can speak English, Italian and French. They can help you to understand all the products technical and aesthetic features.

Post-sale assistance

We offer a post-sale assistance through our local retailers. We strongly believe in the continuous and direct contact with all our clients.The post-sale service is the main key for a long-term and trustworthy relationship.