The production

At the heart of our philosophy is the idea that material, technique, experience and innovation determine the quality of the product.
From project to manufacturing, each step is followed by a highly specialized team that supervises the process carefully. All our products are eco-friendly and we take into account all environmental, health and safety criteria, at every stage of the product’s life cycle. We use only certified wood, our varnishes are environmentally friendly  and our products are designed to maintain an ideal room climate, with top heating and acoustic standards.

100% eco-friendly material. We use only wood that comes from sustainable forests. The quality of our wood guarantees the realization of solid products with the best durability in time. Flexibility and resistance are also guaranteed by our special drying processes. We have chosen wood as our core business material because it has the lowest thermal conductivity among all materials used for the construction of window frames.

The glass quality plays a fundamental role in the manufacturing of a top quality window. Using the best glass and the best wood-types ensures energy saving, high security levels, acoustic insulation, thermal insulation and also gives a natural touch and a special design to the house.
Our windows are made with premium quality materials provided by our specialized and selected partners.

All our window models offer an excellent security level, as standard equipment;
However, we are also able to customize each window with additional burglar-proof elements, such as alarm contacts or anti-intrusion hardware that guarantee a WK2 security level.

With our windows, we do not offer only external protection, but also the so called “Quality Indoor”. It is the main key for an healthy and modern home design. The quality of indoor environments means thermal and acoustic comfort, quality and intense brightness but especially air and surface quality.
Thanks to the use of protective coatings, our windows can ensure:
– Air quality
Absence of migration of heavy metals and substances dangerous to humans
A safe and controlled use of chemicals not- dangerous to humans.

Our products, therefore, does not only comply with European regulations, but are also characterized by materials that have received the most prestigious Safety Certification for health.



You will find below our guarantees on the performances of our windows. They are thought to ensure your satisfaction with our quality and long-lasting windows.
We provide always a manual for a correct window maintenance. You can ensure that your windows are always functional and at top standards, just by paying attention to few simple measures.
Plazzi’s windows have the highest quality standards.
Our specialized team and our partner retailers can always offer you the perfect product.

> Guarantee on non-fogging inside the glass chamber and on the absence of water condensation
> Paint guarantee

> Guarantee on the UV resistance of anodized aluminum profiles or powder painted profiles
> Guarantee on the hardware performances and functionality

> For all windows
> For various products and accessories


In 2012 we obtained the KlimaHaus certification.
The KlimaHaus certification is a quality and thermal-acoustic efficiency certification granted by the KlimaHaus Agency. A KlimaHaus window is characterized by a top level of energetic efficiency. In order to obtain a Klimahaus certification, two are the essential elements required: 1. an accurate designing and installation 2. High quality components.
The “Klimahaus quality window” is a guarantee of high technical standards and superior quality. It has been created by the Alto Adige Agency for the energy – CasaClima, a local and independent Agency from Bolzano, specialized in establishing building standards to qualify properties with high energy efficiency. The Agency is not involved in planning, producing and selling. The Klimahaus quality certificate is awarded only after passing several rigorous tests that aim to evaluate both the product and its installation. Companies awarded with this certification place themselves in a privileged position on the market, with top level and cutting-edge products.